Training to use Niva Follower

Training to use Niva Follower

If you are looking for an application to increase your Instagram followers, likes, comments and stories, you need Niva Follower. Nowadays, with the huge popularity of Instagram in everyday life, having a page with many followers is the dream of every person

Increasing the number of your followers will not happen easily because it requires spending a lot of time and money, and on the other hand, any program is not reliable and can put your information at risk.

With Niva Follower, you can increase your followers on Instagram very quickly, safely and completely free. In addition to increasing followers, you can increase the likes and comments of your posts and the views of your stories on Instagram.

With years of experience in this field, we have been able to design an application that easily and with a few clicks you can order followers, likes, comments and view stories for free.

How does Niva Follower work?

Niva Follower is coin based, meaning you don’t need to spend, and it will be completely free for you. With this method, you first enter the application with your fake accounts and place an order for your main account by collecting coins. Also, collecting coins will be easy and with a few clicks In this post, you will learn how Niva Follower works

How to enter Niva Follower?

First, download Niva Follower from here

After downloading and installing the application, open it and click on Sign in with Instagram button.

niva follower -

You can enter your account in two ways:

1- New Method (this method is less restricted by Instagram and is recommended by us)

2- Old method (if you failed in logging in with the new method, try this method)

Then enter the username and password of your fake Instagram account in the desired boxes. If you encounter an error when logging in, first log in to your account with the official Instagram app or website, then try Niva Follower.

login page niva follower -

You can create multiple Instagram accounts with your phone number and email, but usually new accounts do not have the ability to collect many coins

Also, verified accounts with phone numbers are more valid for Instagram You can enter unlimited accounts in Niva Follower, just click on one of the following buttons on the main page.

add account page niva follower -

How to get free followers in Niva Follower?

First, click on <Get Coin> from the main page as shown in the image below

home page niva follower -

In this section, you can collect coins in three ways, by following, liking and commenting on Instagram. Don’t worry, these things are completely automatic and can be done with one click. Just select your action type, for example following will give you +2 coins, like will give you +1 coin and comment will give you +3 coins, then click on collect button.

collect coin page2 niva follower -

You can also select your desired accounts from Niva advanced mode and then start collecting coins. By enabling Auto Rot, the app will continue to run and collect coins for you even when you are out of the app. Remember that enabling anti-block will make your accounts less restricted by Instagram.

advance mode niva follower -

Things you should pay attention to when collecting coins by your fake accounts:

  1. Newly created accounts cannot collect many coins because they are limited by Instagram faster
  2. Try to enable anti-block and set the timer to 10 seconds or more as it will make your account less restricted.
  3. Verify your account with your phone number
  4. Your account must have a profile and it is better to have at least 3 posts, biography and 100 followers.
  5. Keep your accounts active and try to post stories daily
  6. It is better not to send more than 100 followers, 300 likes and 50 comments with your account every hour.

After collecting coins, you can order for your main account. To do this, first go to the <Home> section and click on the <Order For Others> option and enter your desired username in the opened box and click on the <Search> button.

order for order page niva follower -

Select your account from the displayed accounts

search page niva follower -

  • Then you will be redirected to the order registration page
  • In this section, you can see your posts and account information
  • If you click on any post, you can order likes and comments, or by clicking on the <Seen Story>, you can order to view stories for your account.
  • Also, if you want to request Threads Follower, you can download our other application called Top Follow. In this application, in addition to the mentioned items, you can also request Instagram Threads Follower.
  • To register a follow order, click on the <Request Follow> button

order page niva follower -

On the opened page, you can change the number of orders. You can click the + button to increase the number of orders and the button to decrease the number. You can also enter the desired amount manually by clicking on the box.

Two options can be seen below the page, if you don’t want to display your user account image in the orders section, disable the first option and by activating the second option, your order will be prioritized, but 30% more coins will be deducted from your account

Finally, click on <Submit Order> to place the order

request follow page niva follower -

To track your orders, click on the <Submit Orders> option from the <Home> section. In this section, the information of your orders, including order status, number of orders and number received, can be seen

track orders page niva follower -

How to invite friends and get unlimited coins?

In Niva Follower, you can get free and unlimited coins by inviting your friends. Also, your friends will receive 🎁 +100 free coins by registering the invitation code

In the way that you send your invitation code to your friends from the <Invite Friends> section and ask them to install Niva Follower, after installing the program and registering invitation code, we will give you 🎁10% of the coins collected by friends, when he places an order

invite friends page niva follower -

If you want to get 🎁 +100 free coins as a gift, you can enter the following invitation code in the section below

niva followers invite code

invition page niva follower -

What is a gift code and how is it used?

We send one or more gift codes on our Telegram channel daily; you can use this 🎁 gift code by entering this code in the <Free Coins> section.

You can also see active niva follower gift codes from here

gift code page niva follower -

Gift codes usually give you +100 free coins or sometimes more

Frequently Asked Questions

You can increase your followers, likes, comments and views of your story infinitely. It is completely safe , It is easy to use

Yes, Niva Follower is completely free

Yes, with Niva Follower you can order unlimited followers, likes, comments and story views

You can earn free coins by two methods, inviting your friends and using daily gift code

By enabling anti-block, Instagram restricts your accounts less


We all want to be popular on Instagram, but this popularity requires spending a lot of time and money. With Niva Follower, you will increase your followers on Instagram in the shortest possible time. Also, these followers will be completely real because these are the users who are following you.

Niva Follower is the best and most reliable follower increase program in the whole world because we have been able to attract millions of users with years of experience and work in this field and we have always guaranteed the safety of users.

Using Niva Follower is completely free, and you can get unlimited followers. Among our other programs are Top Follow and Jet Follower, each of which is designed according to your tastes. By clicking on their name, you will be directed to the page related to the applications. Our support is available 24 hours a day and is waiting for your requests, criticisms and suggestions


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